The importance of generating traffic

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The importance of generating traffic

Whatever your business, whether you need to sell a product, an online course, your image or simply want to spread your message, sooner or later you will have to worry about creating traffic.

You can write the best content on the web, have the most revolutionary product of the moment, the most interesting offer, but if nobody knows it, it won’t do you any good.

Imagine you have opened the most beautiful shop in your city: first quality merchandise, outlet prices, grand hotel service.. but nobody knows where it is, in fact, nobody knows that your shop exists. Then?! No one will ever see the quality and convenience you offer.

Then you’ll have to advertise!
I imagine you will put signs on the road, a nice sign on the shop, maybe advertising in the newspaper.. if you have a budget you will use radio spots or even TV..

And why should it be different for the web ?!
In reality the mechanism is the same, to bring users to you you must.. advertise, or better, convey traffic to your online presence. Yes, because you need to have an online presence, be it a site, a social page, a landing page.

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Let’s see how to do it then to bring customers into your store .. or rather on your online presence, to sell, whatever you have to sell.

As I said before you have to have a place to make traffic converge and a system to convert it into potential customers, but that’s another topic.
Let’s see how to solve the first problem. The roads are different and often the choice is made taking into account your core business. In fact, some strategies are more or less effective depending on what you do.

In any case you can switch from Google with its adwords or sponsored made using social media; Which? It also depends here on the public you want to involve. If you turn to the end customer then Facebook and Instagram are for you, if instead your attention is directed to the business world, LinkedIn is your reference.

And then there are the banners, there is the link building and much more.

This whole activity must be well studied, elaborated and implemented and.. yes it has a cost.

Today, if I hope to have noteworthy results without investing anything, you are out of the way.
Then immediately start thinking about the best strategy to implement and follow the best tool to put it into practice.

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