Email marketing, the reason why!

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Email marketing, the reason why!

email marketing

email marketing

There are many marketing activities that can bring traffic and profit to your business,

today we talk about one of these.

You should  be able to help any business of any type to increase

revenue and conversions  by developing  a great email marketing



Why email marketing?

  • Because Email marketing generates the largest ROI of any single marketing

channel  on Earth.

  • Because it generates More than affiliates, SEO, PPC ads, Facebook ads, etc…
  • Because Usually yields around 4,300% ROI for businesses in the U.S.
  • Because you Spend $1 on email marketing, typical return = $44


What does it accomplish?

  • The goal of a great email marketing campaign is to get people

from one step in the customer journey  to the next.

  • Whether it’s a new lead or a current customer, email marketing can

assist in getting  people to the next stage (and  it doesn’t cost much

money to do email marketing).


What types of mail do we have?

  • Transactional – Designed to alert people on orders, purchases,

receipts, returns, account  creation/passwords.

  • Relational – New sign ups, lead magnet delivery, blog updates,

live webinar  confirmations/signups,  social media updates.

  • Promos – Announcing any new sales, coupons,  products,  events,

and offers.

Anything  that  says “buy now” and includes an offer.VARIOUS TYPES OF EMAIL

  • There will be some overlap between the various different types.
  • For instance, many transactional emails can also be considered

relational  and promotional  too.


Two types of emails

  • Broadcast – These are typically sent to every single subscriber  on

your entire list. Usually these are newsletters. They can also be new

product  announcements,  promotions,  or an announcement  of an

event or major  company  change.

  • Automated – These are emails sent to people based on actions

they’ve taken  and where they’re segmented. If they’ve opted in

and not purchased,  they’ll be sent emails to get them to purchase.


Avoid the big mistake

  • Sending the same emails to absolutely every single person  on the

email list. Your email list should  be segmented based on what

actions  they’ve taken, which links they’ve clicked, etc…

  • This allows you to customize the exact offer emails to where they

are in the sales funnel process and increase conversions.


And are you using this important conversion tool?

Become an expert!


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