Lead generation: between myth and legend

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Lead generation: between myth and legend

lead generation: between myth and legend

lead generation: between myth and legendWHAT IS THAT?

Lead generation is the set of actions you can take to generate a list of contacts.
They leave you their data because they are interested in products, services, information that you or your company can offer.

The more the lead writes about itself, the more it is qualified and verified; this wealth of information increases its value, its quality increases.


Only then can we talk about prospects, that is, a user who has provided you with a series of qualifying information thanks to a previous marketing action.

This user has given you something else very valuable: your consent to receive more information.


You will be able to offer them a new product or service, or simply in-depth information or even commercial promotions.

This type of marketing action, fundamental and essential, has always existed; every time you distributed flyers, catalogs, loyalty cards, etc., you actually did lead generation.

The real difference is that today, through the digital world, this practice is more immediate and has reliable, measurable and verifiable results.


The purpose of lead generation is essentially to create a database of possible prospects and then guide them to take action where the business requires it.


So with your list you can stimulate the sale of a product, join a community or anything else useful to your business.

Obviously your purpose is commercial and you can reach it both directly and indirectly.

Directly, it means that your lead will take an action at the same time as leaving your data, let’s think about the e-commerce example.

Give the user an economic advantage to complete a purchase on special terms.


Do not worry if your user does not buy immediately, you will still have won because you got what you are most interested in:

the contact details of your lead, which are fundamental to you for the targeted and profiled marketing actions you will take on him.

In any case, whether you become a customer immediately or not, the user becomes part of a database that you will use to create your next strategies.

So your contact, sooner or later, will make a purchase, or otherwise interact with your company until it is ready for the final step.

The magic of this tool is measurability and the possibility of building an audience of potential customers to nurture and lead to the purchase.

Today it is the most effective and analytical system you have to bring a new customer to the purchase and to retain it so that he buys a first time, then a second and a third …


Some, however, understand this instrument very little and think it is magic, they see it as a legendary action, like what can solve all the problems of company growth, the nectar of the gods …

A good lead generation and a correct management of the acquired data bring business growth as a logical consequence but it is not magic.

It is a strategy: a series of well-planned actions, a considered, well-studied and well-managed investment.
Learn the art!

Learn the art!


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