Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing step two

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Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing step two

What is it?

Affiliate marketing instead has a different scope, basically it is an agreement between a company that intends to sell or market one or more products (advertisers) and a person who promotes the service or product (affiliates).

But how does it work? How can you make money with affiliate marketing?

First of all you have to find a good offer, you have to look for an advertiser that offers you a good product to propose, maybe the app of a game to download; in this case the offer is CPA (Cost per acquisition) and you will be paid for each person who downloads the app.

But how do you get the app downloaded?

You have to put in place a series of marketing strategies, ranging from the banner to the persuasive communication and you have to create marketing campaigns to ensure that what you have created leads people to download the app you are promoting.

To do all these actions you need to know how to move, you need to know how to create a good campaign, how to evaluate it, which strategies to implement, how to correct them.


You have to invest money, which if you are good at it will return to you doubled or tripled.

As long as you have these skills and the money to get started, this is a nice way to make money online.

Both the network marketing, of which we have already spoken, and the affiliate marketing are entrepreneurial activities.

For both you will need to contact many potential customers / partners in order to earn, for both you will need to sell, opportunity or products, both require dedication and programming.

Generally, however, network marketing has great added value, as you have already discovered, in training.

Companies explain to you in detail what to do, how to do it, when to do it and they involve you in events, meetings, with the aim of keeping you connected, motivated and to convey to you the knowledge you need to succeed.


This is not the norm of affiliate marketing where, in reality, very few people actually earn much.

This is because the products to be sponsored are often of low value, which means that in order to earn and return the investment you have to do a lot of sales.

Imagine, how many apps do you need to download if each one only recognizes 30cent?

To earn $ 300 you need to find 1000 users ready to download it.

How much effort and how much money do you have to invest?

How long can you spend to understand what the winning actions are?

And how much will you invest before having a real return?

Improvisation in this market is bad for your wallet.

Of course with the right skills, the right products and a good strategy, gains can be important.

But always remember, this is not a hobby, a way to round off, here you need knowledge, strategy and money to invest, you are approaching a real entrepreneurial activity to which you can dedicate yourself if you have at least a small capital to invest: 3000, 10,000 or more dollars.

Otherwise you won’t be able to do much.

Ready to get started?




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