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Bi Dimension

We all know, who more, who less, what marketing is: a branch of the economy that deals with the study and description of a reference market, and in general with the analysis of the interaction of the market and the users of a ‘company. The term derives from the market to which the gerund ending is added to indicate the active participation, ie the action on the market itself by the companies.

Apart from the experts, who certainly have a more complete view of the subject, you who are not an expert when you think about marketing probably think of:
1. Advertising on the various channels;
2. Web presence;
3. Fairs;
4. Slogans and presentations.

These elements are part of what we could call two-dimensional marketing, a way of understanding the topic that inspired and guided entrepreneurs, companies, insiders, until yesterday.

However the world has changed, today to get past performance results, you have to work harder and implement a different communication strategy.
The quality of products and services alone is no longer sufficient to differentiate, in fact quality in recent years has become the entry ticket to the competition and is no longer the winning element alone.

Quality is taken for granted: if you don’t have it you are out of the market, but the fact of having it does not put you in a position of advantage, your customer expects it.

 Three Dimension

In this context, a new vision of marketing comes into play that must become three-dimensional.
Let’s talk about a system that consists of:
1. Covenants;
2. Relations;
3. Sociability;
4. Events;
5. Engagement.

You must realize that your client must be followed, pampered and needs a closeness that gives them the real reason to choose you.

As Napoleon Hill points out, people acquire the personality as well as the commodity and in reality they do not understand which of the two actually prefer.

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