The power of knowledge

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The power of knowledge

The Power

Knowledge is the basis of all winning actions.
As Francesco Bacone was already saying in 1597, knowledge is power.
When you have the right information, when you know how to do things, when you know what path to take, you are in great advantage over others and above all you can understand the world around you, understand situations and have the right tools to make the right and convenient choices.

Without knowledge, it is like traveling in the dark, embarking on a journey without knowing the road, without having a map: a disaster.

On the contrary, if you know where you need to go, you have a map and you travel to the light, you will definitely arrive at your destination and it will take you even less time.

Today, despite being immersed in an increasingly digitalised world, while communicating with various IA, such as Alexa, Siri, the google assistant, etc, people have less awareness and knowledge of the world in which they are immersed, than they may one believe.

The Must

If you are an entrepreneur who must give impetus to his business or sell his products, but even if you are a worker who must operate in this world dominated by the internet, apps and AI, it is essential for you to know.

It’s true that you would like to entrust consultants, third-party companies that work for you in this system that you do not understand, but how can you ever understand if these realities have the right skills, do their job well?
“I’ll see it from the numbers”, you tell me, but … it will be late. You are closing the gates after the sheep have escaped.

Not to mention what will happen to you if you are a job seeker and do not understand the context in which you are looking for it … what can you ever do? How can you take advantage of tools you don’t understand?
The risk, almost a certainty, is to stay cut off.

The advice

 is therefore to form oneself, to know, to understand, to be able to decide and take advantage of an opportunity, rather than succumbing to the unknown.

Forming you will give you the tools to evaluate and act in person, you will then decide, freely, what role you will want to play; but you will have the rudder in hand, you will understand and be the protagonist of the choices.
And what role do you want to play?

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