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Lead target

Your Target

Creating a good acquisition campaign is fundamental for every business that uses the web to promote itself and for this to happen it is fundamental to identify the right target to refer to.

Shooting in the pile is a wrong solution, it makes you waste time and money, a real disaster.
Collect hundreds of leads who are not interested in your product what brings you?

Increase your acquisition costs and decrease your yield, so your conversion cost goes up.
You know well that the database is your true wealth, but you also know that you have to work it so that even the sleepers, become active and become customers.

All this is complex if you have collected offline profiles; it is therefore essential that, first of all, you succeed in identifying your typical customer, his needs, what his needs are, what he wants, what he fears, and what problem he wants to solve.

Once you have identified your target, work begins, marketing is not an exact science, it needs proof, verification and confirmation.
You then have to create your funnel, choose how to promote it and where and where to start your tests.
The test you need to check the validity of your target, your funnel, the channels you’ve chosen.

The test tells you what is the right path you need to take and where it is best to concentrate your efforts, time and money, to achieve the best possible result.
Now all you have to do is start studying your product to find the right target and do your tests.

If you want to deepen your knowledge, on how to create your sales funnel, click here.
Good job.


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