Manager 4.0

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Manager 4.0

A New Age

The age we are experiencing is a crossroads of generations that have different characteristics and ways of doing and thinking that in a short time have undergone many strong changes.

All this has repercussions in every sector and therefore also in the work sector, where different choices and needs come together depending on whether we are talking about generation X, generation Z, millenians, i-generation.

We therefore have all the areas of life involved: family relationships, school, work, marketing.
Now I want to draw your attention to a fact: companies are made up of people and people determine the success or failure of each.

People At The Center

All this means that you must pay close attention to the people and those who manage them; in particular, attention must be paid to managers and their way of being and doing.

Technical competence, genius, inspiration, vision, are excellent qualities, which if they are there and are strong, can make the difference; however it is not necessary that they are the prerogative of the manager: he must know how to manage, motivate, train, guide his talents and this must be his true added value his true ability.

Everything else can learn it and in any case it must be functional to the objective which in this case is to make sure to bring together valuable people around them and guide them to achieve the corporate objective.
Of course, if the manager is also able to get his hands on it, all the better, but in reality this is not his role.

It is clear that if you have to lead a team of engineers and you are an engineer in turn, you will also understand better the technical aspects of the job, but are we sure that an excellent technician is better than an excellent manager of people?

A Simple Secret

The secret has always been that of knowing how to manage, guide, motivate and make people happy to do what they do.
Many companies, many recruiting professionals, have not yet understood this step, which is vital for the health of companies and their success.

In addition, today, with 4 generations living together with different world views, desires and needs, this aspect of the issue is even more important and the manager / leader must be aware of the scenario in which he moves in order to be able to use the right levers with the right people.

The Way To Win

Fortunately, some companies have understood the importance of this role and the correct way to interpret it and their success is testimony to it, many others still grope in the dark and think about the manager / leader looking at him with wrong eyes with a clouded view.

However, to grow, this step is essential.

Seeing is believing!


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