Success depends on many factors

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Success depends on many factors

Success depends on many factors but the most decisive one is you!
To be a successful entrepreneur, in fact, today more than ever you have to be good.
By this you don’t mean that you have to be ultra prepared, that you have to have important skills, that you need to be a genius.
But you must be an excellent manager of men.
And I’m not talking about work organization or resources.
Of course if you also have all these skills, then you have an advantage, but it won’t be enough.
You must be good at dealing with people, to make them grow, to bring out their best, to motivate them, to appreciate them, to reward them: your collaborators are the architects of your success or your failure and you are the person who can condition for better or for worse their attitude, their attachment to the company, to your project, to your dream which also becomes theirs.
So the most important thing you need to understand is what kind of person you are, what entrepreneur you are, what message and what values you want and can transmit.
Once you have understood this, you have to work hard on yourself to improve your aptitudes and become capable of transmitting motivation, conviction and passion to those who work with you. You must learn to choose and know who you are next to, to treat them in the best way to make them grow and improve so that they in turn become followers of your school and spread the values and corporate mission to anyone who comes in contact with them.
This is the first fundamental step of your path, if you want to be successful.
Everything starts from here.
I want to help you better understand what I’m talking about and to do it I propose you reading a book, which as an entrepreneur, you must necessarily read.
Remember that relationships govern the world and to succeed you must learn to govern them through a series of positive actions.

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