In a time dominated by

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In a time dominated by

In a time dominated by digital communication, when people prefer to write rather than talk, send messages or emails, rather than to phone, you must necessarily understand the phenomenon, act accordingly and make yourself an analysis to understand what you are doing.
Do you work alone? Do you have your own team?
Of course the situation is different.
If you work alone, your dynamics are milder, you don’t have to know how to treat / motivate your collaborators, if instead you have a team, then, it is essential for you to become a master of communication, under penalty of losing collaborators, opportunities, turnover.
But you have to consider that even if you work alone, you will have customers to account for, or collaborations, suppliers. Do you really want to not be able to better manage these relationships?
So what really changes is just the way and the impact.
If you have a team and your ability to relate is poor, I’m sorry, but you will make a mess.
Maybe it will happen that you can manage to involve people of value, but gradually you will lose them or you will have a progressive alienation from them. This will bring the numbers and the quality of the job to decrease, progressively, continuously. The same will happen with external relations.
Always remember that you, in your company, are a beacon, you are the beating heart.
Ultimately everything depends on you. If when you arrive at the office you are angry and grouchy, you will condition the general climate, the same if you arrive smiling and sunny.
Everything starts from you, you have to remember it.
Changing the world, leading us to a progressive alienation, to interaction with the new generations who have less and less developed social skills, your role, your action, your awareness and training must grow, you have to cultivate them and make them become a consolidated reality of your world of work.
So whether you are an entrepreneur who works alone (but you still have to relate to customers, suppliers, etc.) or one who has a small or large team, your ability to relate and manage relationships with others is important primary.


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