By wandering around the shops

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By wandering around the shops

By wandering around the shops you will surely have realized that the world has changed.
If you are a young millenians or even a member of the I-generation you will probably struggle to fully understand what I tell you, if you belong to the other generations, instead you will have observed that the way of doing business, of selling, has changed.
Turning around, I often wonder how some businesses can still have stores open.
The online world has bullied into our habits.
I guess you too will go through these steps when you are about to make a purchase:
• You do a Google search
• You use the smartphone to do the research (almost all of us do this)
• Often, almost always, you turn your search into a purchase, online!
Sometimes instead you look for something online, then you look for where you can find this thing to see it and finally buy it on the web.
Or, if the product is not really purchasable online, after finding the information you need, always from the web you choose where to go to finalize your purchase and finally, after purchasing maybe you leave a feedback on the seller’s website or on his google, or who knows where else.
The moral is that, no matter what choice you make, you are now on the web. Online has a very large and strong influence and affects your choices, sometimes consciously, sometimes less (see influencers).
This means that if you are an entrepreneur today, you cannot ignore the digital world, the web.
You must be there, you must know it, you must know how to use it.
Do not be afraid, as always your ability is not to know everything, but to surround yourself with people with the right skills to achieve this goal; however, learning some mechanisms can be useful if you are a small business owner and you want to understand how to use the web to promote yourself or acquire new customers but also if you are an entrepreneur with a team, to know what needs to be done and what skills, the person you will choose, has to have to make them.

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