Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to

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Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to

Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to stay at our house, the same Mercatone Uno, all retail giants (Mercatone Uno only at national level) who have not been able to live the moment and transform the company to adapt it to a different world.

Leaving the old road for the new one is always difficult, we need the willingness to question ourselves, to change, to evolve.

A path that must start from afar, from the construction of a TEAM of people who work in the company with the right climate, the habit of being valued for their contributions and stimulated to bring new and revolutionary ideas, ideas that must then be collected, understand, reworked by a management (property) ready to accept and accustomed to comparison and bidirectionality.

The alternative is to put everything in the hands of centralizing managers, who, if they are not really good little geniuses and professionals (but can you be without a real team?), Will lead the company to a slow inexorable decline.


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