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Every business is based on

Every business is based on sales, be it services, products, consultancy. Selling is the basis of our life; we sell ourselves, our ideas, our professionalism, our work .. and finally our products or services. Obviously the sale also exists online, in different forms and ways. But each of these has common characteristics. In recent times,…
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Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to

Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to stay at our house, the same Mercatone Uno, all retail giants (Mercatone Uno only at national level) who have not been able to live the moment and transform the company to adapt it to a different world. Leaving the old road for the new one is always difficult, we need…
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Do you communicate with your

Do you communicate with your customers? Content marketing is now recognized as one of the sectors that most generate engagement and conversions; the user and especially your customer are induced to continue buying from you through this form of communication. So you absolutely must to establish your own strategy to keep in touch with your…
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As well highlighted by the

As well highlighted by the author, the revolution, which sees the employee becoming an influencer for and of the company for which he works, is profound and passes through an improvement of internal dynamics, an enlightened and engaging management, a deep and real enhancement of resources. Who accepts the challenge? motivation revolution employee influencer improvement…
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By wandering around the shops

By wandering around the shops you will surely have realized that the world has changed. If you are a young millenians or even a member of the I-generation you will probably struggle to fully understand what I tell you, if you belong to the other generations, instead you will have observed that the way of…
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In a time dominated by

In a time dominated by digital communication, when people prefer to write rather than talk, send messages or emails, rather than to phone, you must necessarily understand the phenomenon, act accordingly and make yourself an analysis to understand what you are doing. Do you work alone? Do you have your own team? Of course the…
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