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Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to

Gamestop, Blockbuster first, but to stay at our house, the same Mercatone Uno, all retail giants (Mercatone Uno only at national level) who have not been able to live the moment and transform the company to adapt it to a different world. Leaving the old road for the new one is always difficult, we need…
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Do you value and motivate

Do you value and motivate your collaborators? Or do you criticize and mortify? The better you are, the better you’ll have!

Manager 4.0

A New Age The age we are experiencing is a crossroads of generations that have different characteristics and ways of doing and thinking that in a short time have undergone many strong changes. All this has repercussions in every sector and therefore also in the work sector, where different choices and needs come together depending…
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Learn to sail in a

Learn to sail in a stormy sea, then nothing can stop you!

Lead target

Your Target Creating a good acquisition campaign is fundamental for every business that uses the web to promote itself and for this to happen it is fundamental to identify the right target to refer to. Shooting in the pile is a wrong solution, it makes you waste time and money, a real disaster. Collect hundreds…
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The power of knowledge

The Power Knowledge is the basis of all winning actions. As Francesco Bacone was already saying in 1597, knowledge is power. When you have the right information, when you know how to do things, when you know what path to take, you are in great advantage over others and above all you can understand the…
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view your success and save

view your success and save the video in your Cloud, the morning must be the first file you see, in the evening the last .. study every step, savor every emotion. Success will become your daily habit. https://buff.ly/38m0RU3


Bi Dimension We all know, who more, who less, what marketing is: a branch of the economy that deals with the study and description of a reference market, and in general with the analysis of the interaction of the market and the users of a ‘company. The term derives from the market to which the…
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Create a routine that trains

Create a routine that trains you to never give up and make it your winning habit! https://buff.ly/35sch6I

Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing step three

Unity is strength I told you about network marketing and affiliate marketing and I highlighted their characteristics and the advantages of each of them. As I said to you, the first thing that must be clear to you is that if you want to take this path you have to start thinking differently: you have…
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